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Why Writing & Journaling Matters

Promoting Brilliance recommends writing as a practice. We also advise doing this by hand with a pen or pencil and paper. Science also reports this is most helpful. Daily writing as a form of reflection helps us connect with our whole self and supports what we need to maintain balance at work, and in life. It contributes to health and well-being.

So why does writing matter?

Writing connects us with our inner life, which helps us grow self-awareness. Translating thoughts and feelings into words helps us learn more about ourselves. Using our values to challenge how we move forward will shine the light forward. Self-awareness is one of the most important factors for success in life and within our careers.

Writing guides and moves us forward. It helps us to learn and let go. Cultivate opportunities to let go and move on. Writing letters, that we never actually send, to specific people in our career or life can help us articulate what’s going on, and to see it through a new lens. It helps us process and let go of what may be keeping us from moving forward. Challenging situations or difficult relationships may cause over-analysis. Writing helps us move the emotions, process, and step forward into a new place that is filled with more creative choices.

Writing supports a deeper appreciation for our lives, while also acknowledging our progress. Regular writing will help us to track goals, make clearer choices, create plans of action, and encourages accountability. Patience can grow from a writing practice when we seek a deeper understanding of the timing and process for change. It allows more space and acceptance for the nature of our creative process, and room to enjoy the experience of authentic change.

Make writing your friend. Perhaps it’s a new friendship or you are ready to recultivate or update your relationship. Your writing relationship is one that can give care that is unconditional. It does not require any critique or baggage such as pressure, worry, or guilt. Allow writing into your daily life and it will support your vitality and growth. Creating progress for the positive change and purpose you desire.