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The Promoting Brilliance Blog is designed to support leadership, work/life vitality, and communication insights and inspiration. Promoting Brilliance provides consulting, coaching, and communication services customized to support people navigating change. Our purpose is growth and innovation for leadership in life and at work. We help you identify, focus, and activate your values. We work with professionals at all phases of life and career.

A Walk in The Park

Did you know that a 15-minute walk can improve your memory and concentration. Your creativity is also uplifted when you get outside in nature and breathe in the fresh air. This is why I devoted an entire chapter in “The Dog God Has Spoken” to this topic…

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Team Players and Treat Enthusiasts

Many of the traits that dogs naturally possess are essential for team players. Dogs make reliable partners and friends. They are trustworthy and loyal. Our pooch pals embody courage, honesty, humility, and kindness as they carry a spirit of helpfulness…

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Put The Spring in Your Step

Seasonal change hangs in the air. Dogs are keen to sense this as well as changes in those they know and love. We humans can be pretty perceptive too. This is a time of year when you…

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Choose to Create Happiness

Creating joyful experiences is satisfying and purposeful. Today is the International Day of Happiness. Choosing to create happiness often begins with curiosity. Some think happiness is…

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The Scent of Success

The superpower scent of dogs is extraordinary. It’s dog-gone re-bark-able! Dogs devote an immense capacity of their brain power to interpreting smells. They have more than 100 million sensory receptors in their nasal cavity compared to the six million…

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Running with The Big Dogs

Idioms also fascinate me. I enjoy researching to learn about how an idiom has been updated over the years or if they require change. For example, if you choose the idiom to run with the big dogs, this can simply mean that you are challenging yourself…

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Tracking What’s Meaningful

If you want to make your days better, mindfully choose kindness and practice self-care. Let your values lead the way. If you are wondering what this means, cause the “paws” to consider what matters to you. This may be your health, creative pursuits, work and…

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The Dog God Has Spoken

Happy Leap Day everybody! It’s been estimated that about five million individuals or less than 0.1% of the world’s 8 billion people have a birthday on Leap Year. Given these rare odds, let’s wish anyone celebrating their birthday on this Leap Day heaps of fun…

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A person standing near the bank of the ocean

Leading with Self-Awareness

The origin of things can be fascinating to some of us. For example, etymology is the study of the origins of words. Some view the English language as living and growing. Although many English words have been a part of the language…

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A lady standing with drawing on the wall

Working Your Plan

There are many ways to envision and create work/life plans. The strategy, tactics, and specific level of detail included within a plan is often a matter of purpose or preference. How we work a plan is another matter. How we engage and see progress…

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Two people talking to each other in office

Speaking with Perspective

Our words and the position from which we share is powerful. What we say can contribute patience, encouragement, or support as well as mischief, distress, and grief. The perspective from which we speak matters…

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People looking at an employee in the office

Things to Say When Someone Loses Their Job

When someone loses their job abruptly after years of service what can we say or do? Especially when the person has loved their work and valued the people they work with, their boss, or the culture…

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People gathering around to play a game

Sponsor Your People’s Growth

Invest in your employees’ career development and leadership skills with Promoting Brilliance. Our consulting, coaching, and communication services help people identify, focus, and activate…

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Invest in Yourself with Promoting Brilliance

Our services help you identify, focus, and activate your work/life values. Promoting Brilliance’s purpose is growth, innovation, and well-being for your leadership in life and at work. Consider giving a gift of…

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A girl sitting on a chair working on the laptop

Promoting Brilliance Work/Life Tools

Our work/life tools and resources are designed for your leadership, career, and life. We respond to our clients by developing timely tools and customized resources that work…

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A man talking with a girl in the office

Demonstrate Empathy When Interviewing

The experience you create with everyone involved in your transition impacts how people perceive you and your professional capabilities. Do you value everyone you meet…

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Peoples working and discussing in the office

Time for More Hearing & Less Fearing

Hearing one another allows for more productive collaboration. Given all the ways we communicate via email, text, and instant messaging as well as our social media channels…

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Two persons doing high fie in the office

Drama Bust & Build Trust

Workplace statistics provide deeper insight into the need to bust free from old-school management practices, styles, and habits. Employers and leaders can repair and build trust by…

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Your Life Is A Masterpiece

“Discovering the truth about ourselves is a lifetime’s work but it’s worth the effort” is a favorite quote shared by the late, great Fred Rogers. Discovering our truth requires…

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Group of some people watching in laptop

Can Do for Collaboration

Cooperating for collaboration requires a willingness to be aware of the limitations of a “me and mine” mindset. It also necessitates an openness to become aware of the many ways…

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An ocean view with a sunset

What’s in the wake of your genuine leadership?

Recently, a statistic was published revealing that more than 79% of employees will quit their current positions because of inadequate or a lack of appreciation provided by…

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A man working on a laptop, smiling and talking

The Balm of Calm for Vitality

Calm is a balm connecting us with our creativity and brilliance. Consider a simple breathing exercise to expand calm within you. Make room to give yourself..

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A man taking a cup of tea, playing with his dog

Balance & Boundaries for Flex Work

According to several US workplace surveys, more than 40% of employees want to stay remote permanently with over 60% wanting the flexibility to work…

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Look for The Luminosity

There is an intrinsic beauty and brightness within you. Believe it or not, it also lives within your current circumstances. We are given numerous invitations to grow throughout our lives. This may…

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An old lady holding a tablet in hand

3Cs to Fortify Your Leadership

Whether you are a parent, student, working remote and managing teams, laid-off and looking, or retired, you are leading. You are leading your own life and self-leadership requires…

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A hand holding a compass in his hand

Your Values Are Your Compass

Our culture promotes the evaluation of success in terms of what we do, what we produce, and the economic power it generates. Our presence, the experience we create with others, how we contribute…

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Some people throwing papers in the air

Believe in Your Aspirations

In medicine “aspiration” is described as the process of drawing breath, which is fundamental to life. This is also true for the vision you have for your life. Make your aspirations possible by giving…

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A hand holding a bulb with lights

Making Space for Positive Change

“Silence is so powerful and important. There is so much to be learned from it. It seems to me some of us value information over wonder, and noise over silence. And I feel we need a…

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A man travelling to airport with his bag

Travel Tips for Working Parents

Whether you are traveling for a business trip or you’re a parent in the military, work travel can present unique parenting challenges. Perspective and preparation go a long way toward…

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A man listening song on the headphones in the park

Glisten Up Growth Challenge

Wisdom is one of the rewards we receive from a lifetime of remaining open and committed to listening. Make yourself a growth promise to continue to learn communication skills that…

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A hand inside the water along with a sun reflection

Allow in More Ease

Now is the time to breathe deeper and deeper, and to truly learn how to let go of your stress. It’s natural to experience concern, worry and fear during uncertain times. What we do with it or how we deal…

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Listen with Respect So You Can Reflect

Make the choice to look within. Tune yourself to make observations while you listen. To do this well engage your curiosity with a new approach that reflects respect for yourself and others. Begin by…

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Balance for High R-Factor Leaders

R- Factor refers to the leadership qualities that many possess including a high capacity to engage with responsibility, resilience, and respect. These traits are often over-utilized for many leaders…

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Caring Is Our True Power

Consider how we humans distract ourselves by creating or expressing fear. We can forget to “cause the pause” and reflect, process, and re-balance to support and express wholesome care. This is our…

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How to Be Supportive During A Career Transition

No one experiences a career transition in the same way. What you may find supportive may not be viewed as helpful by your friend or loved one. What one person defines as valuable…

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Why Writing & Journaling Matters

Promoting Brilliance recommends writing as a practice. We also advise doing this by hand with a pen or pencil and paper. Science also reports this is most helpful. Daily writing as a form of reflection helps…

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Tips for Working Remote

Whether you love working remote or it produces anxiety it’s wise to find solutions that fit your work and communication style. The tips below will help prevent isolationism and build strategies to…

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Connecting with Your Inner Sunshine

If you are living in the northern region of our country, you may understand just how much sunshine can really make a difference in the tempo of any given day. Not only is the amount of daylight shrinking…

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Everyone Is Your Customer

Yes, this means your colleagues are your customers too. Shift your perspective to make your colleagues your customers. Doing this will help you to connect and collaborate with colleagues in new…

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Bridging with Your Values

Driving over a bridge was a remarkable thing when I was a young girl. Many of the bridges in our area lacked appeal and made sounds that did not cultivate confidence. We referred to them as…

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