A Walk in The Park

A Walk in The Park

Did you know that a 15-minute walk can improve your memory and concentration. Your creativity is also uplifted when you get outside in nature and breathe in the fresh air. This is why I devoted an entire chapter in “The Dog God Has Spoken” to this topic. During the month of March, you will find the Dog God gives considerable encouragement for all things outdoor. Be sure to roam free and explore the fresh air throughout the year. 

Your wellbeing matters. 

A good walk helps you let go of stress. Let dogs be your role models for taking a break. They will also show you how to seek out more to appreciate. Your life is precious and so is your health. Decide it’s time to elevate your energy. If you live in certain climates there may be days when this seems impossible. Work with the resources that are available to you like climbing stairs. You can also take a break to meditate or daydream about your favorite parks when the weather is too extreme.

Make time for reflection.

If you are a lucky dog, you may have easy access to waking paths that are close to your home or office. Whether you work remote or work in an office give yourself permission to take a break and get outside. Consider taking two 15-minute walking breaks each day. Allow yourself to connect with your inner ease. Think of it as tuning into the good things in life and all that boosts your attitude and physical wellbeing. Your overall health as well as your work/life engagement require time for reflection. Go for it!

Use your senses to be in the moment.

Breath deep and let go of the stress. Focus on the present moment. Observe your surroundings. This increases energy and reduces stress. You could make your walk a time to mediate on all that you appreciate. Begin with the simple pleasures or focus on the people in your life. Think about their qualities and how they make life sunnier. Remember that you can share your genuine thanks at another time. As you return from your walk, note those you want to appreciate. Better yet, reach out and let someone know they are making a difference. When you do, you’ll make their day brighter and yours too. With anxiety levels at an all-time high, the ability to remain present and express appreciation are tremendous gifts. These gems are dearly needed. 

Be mindful of distractions.

A little planning may be required to make your walking breaks a regular practice. If you want to experience a creative boost and uplift your concentration, it’ll help to walk without the distractions of work. Be mindful of the benefits of a healthy break. Of course, your mind will want to wander to the day’s immediate challenges. Learning to transition and give yourself space is another way to practice setting boundaries. It’s also a way to alleviate anxiety. This may require practice. You can learn to do this. Just remember, every practice has its rhythms. If you forgo your walk for a day or two, or even more, don’t give up. Some practices feel like you are in constant restart. Don’t let this distract you. You can continue to make your wellbeing a priority for the long haul.

Invite others to join you.

Sometimes we tell ourselves it is impossible to create a break. Meetings get scheduled back-to-back or unexpected issues arise that override your attention. There may be times when you can combine a work-related discussion with a walk. Perhaps you will want to invite a team member to enjoy a regular walking meeting with you. Better yet, find a walking partner that is looking for a similar walking experience. Some enjoy conversations when walking and others simply want the quiet company of a friend or team member. Walking with your colleagues can also improve teamwork as it adds to unity of purpose for your wellbeing and camaraderie. The accountability of a walking partner may help you make your self-care a priority. 

Improve your engagement.

There are many health benefits you receive by taking a short break to walk from improved circulation and sleep to building your immune system. Walking prevents and helps people manage heart disease, depression, anxiety, and asthma. Like a post-workout you will receive a natural endorphin high from a walk. This continues once you are back on your seat and looking at your screen. The proof is in, your engagement will improve if you give yourself time to create breaks and take a walk in the park each day.

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