Team Players and Treat Enthusiasts

Team Players and Treat Enthusiasts

Many of the traits that dogs naturally possess are essential for team players. Dogs make reliable partners and friends. They are trustworthy and loyal. Our pooch pals embody courage, honesty, humility, and kindness as they carry a spirit of helpfulness. Which of these traits do you possess? 

Be a tremendous team player.

Today’s research offers numerous qualities and skills for team players. These range from confidence and curiosity to effective communication, accountability, and flexibility. Most want team members who understand their roles and get engaged while remaining optimistic. Others genuinely prefer working with people they trust, knowing these team players want to help others. 

Create trust and remain curious.

Trust is often based in confidence, believing in someone’s integrity and honesty. Sometimes we refer to this as consistency of character. Your character can be a real treat for team members. This is especially true when you sustain your integrity by remaining open to create solutions together. Gaining self-awareness can be highly rewarding and beneficial especially if you apply this to your career and personal development. Be a treat enthusiast by making self-awareness something that you grow and regularly practice. 

Be a treat enthusiast.

If you are looking to improve your team player skills make self-awareness a priority for your development. Tune into your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, values, and actions. Recognize your strengths and challenges. Decide to create and sustain trust with your partners and team members. Begin with your communication. Listen patiently and without applying over-analysis. When you do have something to share use your voice. This is a literal recommendation. Talk with others rather than simply using texts or emails. This cultivates authentic confidence and clarity. 

Connect with your voices.

I love watching a dog’s tail wag. I let those tail wags be a reminder to talk with someone rather than simply using technology tools like text, emails, and social media. You can expand your self-awareness for communication. Just like a dog’s trust that is experienced by their friends, you can grow trust with others. Use your values to help you demonstrate your genuine interest in others and their success. Team players find satisfaction in their connections and enjoy making contributions to help others be successful. Their relationships are the truest of treats.

Encourage one another and learn patience.

It’s also true that most humans and dogs need help developing skills to increase their patience and resilience for the collaborative process. This is understandable given the challenge to propel productive teamwork and sustain trust. Collaborations are often filled with uncontrollable experiences. The collaborative process can be much like the weather and we’re only human. Our varied perspectives, beliefs, values, and emotions can also offer misunderstandings. Sometimes we forget this. This is why we need greater resilience and patience. Dogs can be great partners for humans when these stormy experiences arise. They point us in the direction for applying empathetic care and humility. They are also quick to forgive. We can own our part when we misunderstand and make mistakes.

The need for wisdom and wellbeing is on the rise.

Today’s team players need leaders, managers, and coaches that are dedicated to advancing their own self-awareness. Unfortunately, the pressure is on with regard to leadership and people managers. Gallup reports that nearly five in ten U.S. employees are working on-site and no longer able to work hybrid or remote. They also found that how people are led and managed has about four times as much influence on engagement and wellbeing as their work location. When asked what changes impact managers today, Gallup’s surveys cited: 

  • 64% of employees were given additional job responsibilities 
  • 51% experienced team restructurings
  • 42% directed budget cuts

With stress levels increasing, the wellbeing of people needs to be addressed. The rise in stress that people experience is real. If your employer is not addressing your work/life wellbeing and development, know that you can do something about this. There are numerous resources for self-care. This includes work/life coaching services that are designed to support your vitality and growth. Promoting Brilliance’s leadership and manager coaching services can also point you in the direction of growing your skills to support trust, teamwork, and wellbeing for yourself and your teams.

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