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Bridging with Your Values

Driving over a bridge was a remarkable thing when I was a young girl. Many of the bridges in our area lacked appeal and made sounds that did not cultivate confidence. We referred to them as “rickety” bridges. When we approached one of these metallic monstrosities, we often held our breath as we crossed. Or we would count the number of people or cars we saw along the way. My parents developed these strategies to divert the focus away from our worst-case imaginings and anxieties. Similar strategies may be needed in these uncertain and often dramatic times.

Choose to give yourself space and reflect on your values. Check in and ask yourself if you need to give greater priority to one of your values. If you’re not sure where to start, simply look for the beauty that surrounds your situation. Or see the many diverse ways people are engaged and making things better. Appreciate how others are creatively contributing to your community, workplace, and family experiences.

We can walk across the bridge into the future with confidence. We can make this possible by reclaiming the brilliance of our values. Give yourself this gift by allowing your values to guide your purpose. Meanwhile, Promoting Brilliance remains committed to building metaphorical and literal communication bridges.

May kindness be traveling with you in its full abundance in all ways possible.