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Connecting with Your Inner Sunshine

If you are living in the northern region of our country, you may understand just how much sunshine can really make a difference in the tempo of any given day. Not only is the amount of daylight shrinking this month, but the cloud cover is often consistent and gloomy this time of year where I am living. When there is overcast weather there is a prevailing sense of pressure and heaviness, which can spark uncertain feelings that intertwine with the telling and retelling of a darker perspective. We can get off-balance and become twisted by the stress that comes with this cycle. This can become transparent to those who know us, and it is also why we need one another.

When the going gets rough human beings too often resist creativity.

Creativity is a gift. It is a resource that is available to us every day. We can call upon our “inner sunshine” at any time. Our creativity leads us forward, especially in uncertain times. It holds the power we need for renewing our trust. It is available to give authentic strength.

Choosing to connect with one’s creativity for some begins with a wrestling match, sometimes causing us to feel we are tussling in the dark with our fears. Fear may distract us for a while, yet even our fear can bring us back to what truly matters to us. After the awkwardness or any strain, we can return to what we value. Our values help us to see what’s real and keep things simple.

Today, focus on your values by sharing and connecting with kindness. Stretch beyond the boundaries of your imagination and kindly act on what matters to you. May you find ease within your “inner sunshine”, and all that you desire and are willing to create.