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Look for The Luminosity

There is an intrinsic beauty and brightness within you. Believe it or not, it also lives within your current circumstances. We are given numerous invitations to grow throughout our lives. This may come with some challenges, and if we accept this mission, we can learn to appreciate ourselves and others.

We can appreciate the differences we share. This is especially true when we care about learning about these differences from a place that appreciates who we each are, and not how we judge ourselves or one another. This requires practice and space to reflect. Creating room to understand and appreciate all the ways we may be unique or different from one another. This is empathy in action. It creates trust and bonds respect with trust.

This luminosity of our differences can be seen in many ways. Thankfully I live with someone who illuminates great care for our planet and ensures we are doing our part to recycle and make conscious choices about our resources. I value this, and yet my partner has a purposeful passion for this that goes beyond my vision. He frequently enriches my thinking on this topic. Over time, we have learned to work together more and more on this topic and to find new ways to be resourceful stewards as consumers. My partner’s passion lights up with purpose when we do our part. His purpose goes beyond protecting the planet and connects with his greater concern for protecting people and future generations.

Cause The Pause

“Cause The Pause” to be curious. Find out what values the people in your life are focused on currently. Learn how you can participate or support their values. We can learn from one another when we apply empathy in this way.