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The Balm of Calm for Vitality

Calm is a balm connecting us with our creativity and brilliance. Consider a simple breathing exercise to expand calm within you. Make room to give yourself five deep cleansing breaths, and add this ritual to your daily routine and schedules. This lowers the effect that the stress hormone cortisol has on our bodies while also lowering heart rates and blood pressure. Try incorporating five deep breaths before and after your meetings and other activities. Giving room for more calm makes the difference and engages our creativity and innovative thinking. This also supports strategic rather than reactive solutions.

Your gift of calm may inspire. Others may notice and perhaps ask you for ideas to support positive change. The creative choice of calm can be experienced in a variety of ways. Begin by considering and exploring what creates calm for you. How do you best connect with calm or experience it currently? It may show up when you sit quietly and breathe more deeply, make time to be curious, reflect without judgment, meditate on a specific topic or simply practice meditation, decide to remain open, learn and understand something that is new, or intentionally empathize with yourself. Consider all the ways you tap into the balm of calm. Include these in your daily routines and schedules.

Make room within your day to cultivate this self-awareness and trust. When we make calm a priority, it balances and supports our overly active minds. It provides a way forward in turning down the volume of the stressors in our world and tuning into our creativity.

It can be essential to give yourself time and space within your day for creating calm. By the way, this does not require a lot of time or space, five to fifteen minutes may work well to begin a new commitment with yourself. Simply commit to yourself and be kind to yourself as you put this into practice and listen. Hearing and being kind is part of the discovery process for experiencing the balm of calm in your life.

Connecting with calm is invaluable and doing so creates more of it for you to experience as you move forward. Calm gives us room to pause and soothe our quick-thinking minds. Ultimately this connects with our creativity and discernment. May you “Cause the Pause” and receive the balm of calm more and more each day.