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Your Life Is A Masterpiece

“Discovering the truth about ourselves is a lifetime’s work but it’s worth the effort” is a favorite quote shared by the late, great Fred Rogers. Discovering our truth requires energy and also understanding. A similar kind of energy is also needed to create a meaningful discussion. Understanding opens our minds and hearts, it expands us, allowing us to listen, evolve, and light upon greater truths. The effort we give is worth the discovery and the trip is worth the work.

When I create whether it’s with a paintbrush and paint, designing a new work/life tool, or writing a poem or a post the process reminds me of what it means to experience a great conversation. I am unsure where creativity will take me yet grateful for the connection. When trust is present there is more freedom to be open and vulnerable or to go deep.

There are times when I am painting when I’ve traveled to places that I never imagined. Other times I am stretched and experience something that is very similar to working out physically, especially after a lengthy refrain from this healthy ritual. It’s clear my mind and muscles needed to be employed and utilized in this way again.

May today be one of those days you can step back and see the masterpiece you are creating. May you experience genuine appreciation for your life and for everyone who is contributing to your work of art. Your life is a masterpiece. Enjoy the process of discovery.