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Drama Bust & Build Trust

Workplace statistics provide deeper insight into the need to bust free from old-school management practices, styles, and habits. Employers and leaders can repair and build trust by activating new ways to reduce work-related stress that often cause an escalation in drama. Current surveys collected from the Stress Management Society and other workplace research firms indicate:

  • The number one cause of work-related stress is the lack of a solid plan, policy, or real support for work/life balance.
  • One in five Americans reports they never engage in activities to help relieve or manage their stress.
  • 7 in 10 adults indicate that work-related stress impacts their personal relationships.
  • Work-related stress is linked to 70% of visits to the doctor and 85% of serious illnesses.
  • 91% of survey respondents said that when they are overwhelmingly stressed, it also negatively impacts the quality of their work.
  • More than 50% of respondents stated they often have 12-hour workdays, and an equal amount frequently skip lunch because of the demands of the job and subsequent stress.

Build trust by focusing on what can be changed to support valuable productivity.

Moderation is key and permission to set boundaries with real limits. This includes the value of synchronous on and off times for teams. This simulates the work schedule of an in-person office whether people are working in-person, remote, or flex, and it gives employees permission to wind down together. No more 12-hour days, or 7 days a week of “being on and available” for work, including responding to emails and text messages.

Set new boundaries with yourself that balance teamwork, responsiveness, and self-care.

Sustain your authentic confidence with Promoting Brilliance consulting and coaching services. We support you in customizing new strategies to minimize stress and let go of any ongoing drama dynamics. Promoting Brilliance services assist professionals in changing work/life boundaries for effective communication, productivity, and well-being.