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Making Space for Positive Change

“Silence is so powerful and important. There is so much to be learned from it. It seems to me some of us value information over wonder, and noise over silence. And I feel we need a whole lot more wonder and silence in our lives.” – Wisdom from Fred Rogers.

Consider giving yourself a work/life vitality gift.

A gift that supports the kind of positive change that Mr. Rogers was expressing. Give yourself the gift of space. Create space for quiet in your daily life.

How can you make this happen?

Challenge yourself to turn off your screens and tune out your devices. Open yourself to a new world of freedom and creative possibilities. Consider when this work will work well given your current priorities. What can and will you do to give yourself this space and time? Make it accessible and comfortable, especially as you get started.

Let the quiet guide you home to your creativity.

You may need to start by writing in silence, walking a bit to get your rhythm, or closing your eyes with a simple meditation. If sitting quietly or meditating sounds difficult begin with writing or walking somewhere that is safe and quiet. If you need help thinking about what to write, start with topics that express appreciation and comfort. Write about all the people and experiences you appreciate. Write about all the things you enjoy. Express what situations, places, people, or anything that brings you comfort and joy. What do you find energizing? Write about new experiences you want to have that you believe will energize or uplift you.

Promoting Brilliance service offerings supports reflection.

One aspect of our work/life coaching services is that our time together serves as an active reflection. Our service provides a specific kind of reflection that clears the way for you to go beyond problems and challenges, into a space to freely focus on what matters to you, what you value, and what you need for your work/life growth and change. We help you begin the meaningful work of developing and designing new choices that will support you and help you move forward in new ways that align with your values, priorities, and purpose.