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Promoting Brilliance Work/Life Tools

Our work/life tools and resources are designed for your leadership, career, and life. We respond to our clients by developing timely tools and customized resources that work for the current collective environment. Promoting Brilliance supports the development process to activate meaningful strategies for growth and change.

Review a sampling of our tools and resources listed below. Which fits with your current work/life needs?

Growth Planning Toolkit
Promoting Brilliance’s planning toolkit and assessment process can be applied to your business, leadership, career, and life. Identify what you need, where you need to focus, what you want to change or activate, how you will live out your work/life purpose and values, and how you will achieve your growth goals. Innovate and experience confidence and authentic connection with your purpose by designing your customized growth plan.

Drama Busting™ Insights & Tools
Gain fresh insights and work/life applications to mitigate nonproductive communications, distractions, conflicts, and energy loss. Manage stress and stressful interactions with grace and values. Develop new skills for communicating with purpose and sharing more clarity, objectivity, direction, and compassion.

Career & Leadership Road Maps
Career planning can be meaningful as well as simplified and customized. Managers often want to support and assist their people in this process yet often lack the necessary time or expertise. Utilize Promoting Brilliance’s career development tools to clarify your career goals and growth needs. Our tools and process help individuals build career growth plans and leadership road maps. This process also includes building out a plan that is private for your work/life needs, and one that can be thoughtfully shared with direct reports and team members.

Our strategic road maps are available to focus specifically on your Leadership Brilliance™. These services and tools support your leadership strategy, growth focus, and perspective for change and decision-making. Gain new skills for collaborative leadership, effective communication, and the number one skill needed for economic and cultural wellbeing today: empathy.

Elevate Your Work/Life Vitality
Promoting Brilliance continuously grows and evolves expertise for your well-being and work/life engagement. These resources provide you with an array of support for your daily life, creativity and innovation, inspiration, work/life productivity, project management, evolving growth for self-awareness, and physical well-being and mindfulness.

Journal for “Causing the Pause”
We all need space and practice to “Cause the Pause”. Change your perspective, renew, or release stress and anxiety caused by nonproductive or unexpected challenges. Our Bright Spots Journal provides a reminder and a placeholder for processing your experience.

Enlist Promoting Brilliance services, work/life tools, and communication resources. We’re growth partners for your work/life purpose, vitality, and success.