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Sponsor Your People’s Growth

Invest in your employees’ career development and leadership skills with Promoting Brilliance. Our consulting, coaching, and communication services help people identify, focus, and activate their work/life values and communication. Access our CLASS services (Career/Life Advocate Subscription Services) for team members by providing sponsorships from your organization.

Promoting Brilliance Service Benefits:

  • Employee Engagement and Retention 
    Data collected by the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM) indicates that only 1/3 of employees are satisfied with their organization’s commitment to professional development. In fact, 25% cite a lack of career advancement opportunities as a reason to leave their current position. In more than one survey 53% of the respondents said that having access to career development programs would entice them to stay longer than planned in their jobs.  
  • Professional Growth and Vitality 
    Professional coaching and 1:1 consulting and coaching deliver a 70% improvement in work performance and communication, impacting teams and collaboration engagement, reporting that 86% of the companies recoup their investment in coaching. According to a study from the International Society of Performance Improvement, coaching has a 221% ROI with 62% of the participants reporting that coaching improved their career opportunities. Unfortunately, 72% of survey respondents stated their education did not effectively prepare them for the workplace. Yet 80% of coaching clients improve their self-confidence as well as their health goals.  
  • Recruiting Tools and Hiring Benefits 
    Over 60% of the professionals surveyed indicate that they would be more likely to take a job with an organization that offers professional development services.  
  • Culture and Remote Working 
    One in three US workers dreads going to work and contributes this to a lack of respect in the work culture. Reporting surveys supply a range of 38-50% of US workers are currently looking for a new role outside their company due to the company culture, which is most often impacted by challenges communicating with their manager. Investing in people’s growth to improve and advance communication skills is particularly crucial. This investment will advance and help maintain positive workplace cultures.  

Promoting Brilliance grows communication skills to expand trust and sustain the collaborative purpose of team members and clients. We support leadership and people management skills to strengthen confidence and credibility with colleagues. Your employees will also gain Drama Busting™ tools to rise above the challenges and maintain balance for productive engagements. We help people learn to sustain their focus and calm to meet priorities, minimize stress, and navigate change/transitions. You and your people may choose to design and activate strategic plans to support peoples’ career development, performance goals, and work/life vitality with Promoting Brilliance.

Enlist Promoting Brilliance services, work/life tools, and communication resources. We’re growth partners for your work/life purpose, vitality, and success.